What’s the Point of Hiding Wisdom? I Can Do It, Birmingham



I visited Birmingham to attend to the Hay House event, “I Can Do It” in Birmingham. I learnt a lot of hiding,


Birmingham at night
Birmingham at night


Vianna Stibal Tetha-healing
Vianna Stibal Tetha-healing


This event is a weekend where you listen to inspiring Hay House authors.

I knew some of the authors and others were new to me. Some delivered interesting speeches while others involved us in meditation time. Either way, all of them were interesting.


Bruce Lipton
Bruce Lipton



Marianne Williamson
Marianne Williamson


Vianna Stibal Tetha-healing, Bruce Lipton, Sergio Magaña, Marianne Williamson, Sonia Choquette, Kyle Gray, etc.


Sonia Choquette
Sonia Choquette


Sonia did a terrific ending of the event and her meditation with the music of Krishna Das Devi Puja brought me so many provocative images and insights.

I could not leave without buying some books and online courses; there were special prices.

I even bought the new book from Mama Gena called, “Pussy, A Reclamation” in a bookstore in the city, which entered me in the contest to get a free seat in her Mastery program.


Pussy, a reclamation
Pussy, a reclamation


I also bought a card deck to share with my friends. I got it signed and I got a mini-reading of one card for me. The card was:  Kuthumi, Cloak of Wisdom.



cloak of wisdom
Cloak of Wisdom



And Kyle Gray’s words to me were:


You have all this wisdom inside. What’s the point of hiding it? Do you get it?

I merely nodded my head.

Am I hiding my wisdom? I didn’t know I had wisdom inside and even less that I was hiding it.

Meanwhile I would write my own story, full disclosure in my book.


You have all this wisdom inside
Kyle Gray’s reading



Sonia Choquette's signature
Sonia Choquette’s signature
Kyle Gray's signature
Kyle Gray’s signature and card deck



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