Using Music to Coach Yourself

October 11th, 2016

We are rhythm.

Babies begin to hear the world while they are in the womb. They hear their mom before they see her.

Music has an enormous power over us. Music gets under your skin in a way that can:

Relax you

Push your buttons

Lead you to a state of exhilaration

Wake your dark side


Your musical choice, in a particular moment, will speak about your emotional state.


  • A song can connect you with your inner tranquility or inspire you to write a post.

Only the Winds by Ólafur Arnalds inspired me to write my first post of this blog.

The music reminds me waves. Waves help you stay afloat, they wash over you, and they can drown you. The sound of the waves can be the soundtrack of a celestial and peaceful movie or an emotive, furious, powerful opera.





  • Music can resonate with a particular issue for you.

Faded by Alan Walters resonates with my personal mystery: Where is my prince charming?  😉


Bold text below is the lyrics of the song.


Where are you now? In the other part of the globe, maybe. I‘ve already travelled to farthest places and I haven’t found you.

Was it all in my fantasy, only imaginary? Yes, for now you’re a fantasy, only alive in my imagination.

The monster’s running wild inside of me. The monster of eagerness for the long waiting.

Not even the eternal silence of the sea is soothing my desire to meet you.


  • You can also use music as you anthem for the “daring greatly” moments – moments where you feel vulnerable doing or saying something, but you do it anyway.

I have already shared my anthem for my daring greatly moments: We are Free from the Gladiator Soundtrack.



Do you know where your heart is? Yes, you know where it physically is, in your chest, left side. I know where is mine, I feel the heartbeat.

What about the heart as the soul, do you think you can find it?

Or did you trade it for something? Your career, your position, your business, your…? I trade it for security and stability to feel safe.

Do you know where your love is? Your love for yourself. Are you the first priority in your life? Loving you as much as you can or do you still think you must love others and you are the last in line? My love to myself is climbing every day, although it hasn´t reached the top yet.

Do you think that you lost it? It is never late to recuperate. Mine was in the intensive care unit and now is in the recovery unit.

You felt it so strong, but nothing’s turned out how you wanted. You’re not following your voice. I felt strong and was control-freak, but it was exhausting.

Cause you won’t let go of anything you hold. The power of detachment, the magic of letting go.

Do you know what your fate is? And are you trying to shake it? Every time you make a choice, you are shaking your fate and choosing a path that will lead you to a different fate. I know that every conscious decision I make brings me to a better future.

You’re doing your best dance when you are dancing to the music of your heart. My best dance is in the sky, in a glider, a silent flight.


I even got the magazine picture that I kept in my parents’ place from when I was a teenager.

It was in my “adventures to do” folder, still belongs to this folder.



Some songs just remind you of your dreams.

What dreams are you remembering?

Are there any songs that resonate with you or transport you to another state?



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