I Put my Money Where my Heart Is

How missing a flight can be useful to your financial goals ?

My trip to Chicago was wonderful until I got to the plane from Chicago to Madrid. The air conditioning didn´t work very well in my seating area. It was like an oven.

I got to Madrid and I confused my Iberia flight from Madrid to Barcelona with the Vueling one; same time, different gate. I just thought they were sharing codes.


Unfortunately, Vueling was late and when they told me about my mistake, my real flight was already in the air without me.

I had to buy a new ticket because I had to be at work in the afternoon.

My lessons learned:  Pay more attention when I read the screens in the airports. But, another more valuable lesson involved my financial planning.

The money experts tell us to create a plan about how we spend and invest our money. The best plan is one grounded in our values.

Why we should look to our values?

Because it helps us focus.

Either you want to spend on something or you want to save for something.

We need to focus otherwise it could be frustrating. We could end up spending our money on shoes, a handbag, a smartphone, or any of the thousands gadgets in the market. But, if focused on our values and what is important to us, we start to discard all the objects and plans that are not aligned with our values and goals.

This is the goal-setter part of us.

Here is where Iberia came in handy to me. When it made me pay a small fortune for a 45 minute flight in my already tight budget, it forced me to focus.

One day after I arrived in Barcelona, I wrote my plan using pen and paper, not in excel or in a fancy app.

On the list there were my big goals, the price next to each, and the date I should buy.

In my goal-setter moment, I identified my current priorities:

  1. This summer I am going to Oneness University in India for three weeks.

I liked when Anthony Robbins and his wife did “the Diksha energy blessing” with us in Date with Destiny (a seminar I went in December ‘16). They learnt it at Oneness.

  1. My book proposal.

I need professional help to do it. I am having trouble writing the outline of the book and I am not native in the language I am going to write it.

  1. A promotional package for self-publishing a book.

There isn’t a manuscript yet, but it is a good promotion.


These priorities are aligned with one of my constant goals: my own personal development.

Until recently, every time I went to a seminar or on a trip (most of my money goes towards these two) I had a tremendous guilt.

Then, one of my friends asked me this question:

Can you imagine

how much money you would have

if you were not spending it on those seminars all over the world?


My first reaction was to be mad at him. But, after a few minutes I realized something.

I would never want to have this money back

if it will meant going back to the way I was before.


The money that sometimes I do not respect enough, has allowed me listen to world renowned experts in different fields, which has helped me grow in a way that I could never imagine.

My answer was to my friends question was,

I put my money where my heart is


It was the first time I felt peace thinking about money in connection with seminars and trips.

My heart is in my growing as a person, to grow my awareness, find love, and make me happier.

Investing in myself is a way for me to hold myself accountable.


Still, every time I evaluate how much I want to do and my bank account, I feel a flip in my stomach.

My inner goal-planner  has an easy task. The plan is as simple as not spending any extra money and saving everything for my priorities.

When we have priorities, it becomes a litter easier to restrain ourselves from temptations and spend only in alignment with our priorities.

Suddenly I don´t see it as a self-deprivation, only as my approach to my current priorities, my dreams.

Our dreams aligned with our own truth are worth investing in.


put my money where my heart is


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