The Windmills Route, Searching for Dulcinea

As a way to make my trip to the North of Spain, León lighter, I decided to take a different route from the usual one. I went through La Mancha and Ávila and visited the Windmills Route. These are the windmills that inspired Miguel de Cervantes to write the epic stories of       […]

Back in September

5th July 2016 July is here and we are going on vacations…     As I told you I’m going to India and also a few days to Malaysia. I am going alone with my camera. On this trip, there is a new buddy, my new smartphone. I am hoping to take some pictures that […]

put my money where my heart is

I Put my Money Where my Heart Is

How missing a flight can be useful to your financial goals ? My trip to Chicago was wonderful until I got to the plane from Chicago to Madrid. The air conditioning didn´t work very well in my seating area. It was like an oven. I got to Madrid and I confused my Iberia flight from […]

follow your voice

Grey’s Anatomy is in My Everyday Life and Finding My Voice

May 30th, 2016   My second post is devoted to explaining where I got the idea of – follow your voice. As you will soon realize, I get my ideas and inspiration from TV shows, movies, and music. When we talk about how television influences on our lives, there are two sides to the coin. One side […]

my arena for my daring greatly with my permission slip

A Journey to Finding Your Life Purpose and the Fears along the Search

May 12th, 2016   A few years back I was at the point not only of not being able to find my mission (I haven´t found it yet) but the simple act of my—at that moment—current boyfriend telling me that he loved his job made my brain go crazy and my brow furrowed. Was this […]