How I Became One with Myself in India


Oneness University
Oneness University, homma


Summer, summer long gone. We are already in fall but this post is about my summer vacation. Last summer, I was in Malaysia and India(Oneness University). I spent some days in the Perhentian Islands – Perhentian Kecil. It is small but has gorgeous scuba diving and the food was yummy and very affordable.


Perhentian kecil island






petronas towers
Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


The underwater world (soon a post) meanwhile:


scubadiving Kecil
Colors underwater.


A magnificient turtle.
A magnificient turtle.


My little video done with the Gopro:


After relaxing came work. I went to Oneness University in India. It was my second time in India but first time in the Chennai area. Oneness is two hours by car from Chennai (South India).

What is Oneness University?

It is a place where you go with the intention of increasing your level of consciousness. Depending on your experience, it can be a pleasant place where you do a lot of meditations and yogic techniques or it can be a place where you cannot handle the level of powerful energy and you run away. Most have powerful experiences and many come back again and again.


oneness university pass



temple oneness university



How I do know of it?

Anthony Robbins mentioned at his event, Date with Destiny. He told a story about how Oneness helped his wife with her vertigo problem. I’ll write a post about this event later on.

Before summer 2016, visitors were able to go to Oneness and attend specific courses. Now, it has changed and visitors can go to Shambala. Shambala means you can stay as long as you wish. It includes going to the regular classes, food,and accommodation. I went to Shambala for 20 days.





oneness university building


During Shambala, we wore purple and white clothes. Shambala participants must wear special dress – purple for classes and white with a pray shawl to go to the temple.


The food also was a challenge. It was Indian food and some kind of Italian food. It was varied but after a week, it was no longer varied for my taste. My taste did not include spicy foods. I also gave up on trying to eat gluten free. I finally just focused on “What do I feel like eating today?”


My adventure had a little of everything from earthly experiences to mystical ones.

drawings oneness universityI experienced boredom in some classes and total connection with the universe in others.

I experienced my weakness but I envisioned my courage.

I experienced my stubbornness but I surrendered to serve others.

I experienced my barriers against desires but I learnt to fulfill my desires.

I experienced guilt for past actions in other lives but I was wrapped in the solace of forgiveness.

I experienced rage but I liberated it with understanding of the past.

I heard the sound of the wind while I saw myself as a boy in another time and another place.

I experienced the deep fear and joy of the universe love.

I experienced wealth through heavy chains bound to my ancestors and burnt them in a ritual.

I chanted ancient mantras, listened to Sanskrit and prayed for my life partner while I performed a sacred antique fire ritual.

homma fire ritual oneness
homma fire ritual

I crossed path with sickness while on a trip; it was first time I got sick on a trip. It started at midday as a feeling of coldness followed by the  flu – feeling like a heater and diarrhea during the night.oneness iv bag

The next day, I was flat in my bed almost not moving at all; the housekeepers of the female dorm saw me and took me to the female doctor (at Oneness, a doctor comes every day). The doctor politely told me that she could not give me the pills “required” for treatment until my blood pressure was not higher than it was. She gave me three bottles of transparent liquid via a drip, my first IV bag ever.

After my body drank all the liquid, she let me get up from the bed and go back to my room with my collection of three different pills for the next 48 hours.



The next day, I was weak but able to stand up and walk. The reason for my sickness could be the water or the food but the most common reason in Oneness is “the process.” All the meditations and the unique energy of the place makes you change so many thought patterns that sometimes your physical body needs to take some time off to rearrange things.


In 20 days, I encountered a full range of emotions coming from my past, showing up in the present, and envisioning them in the future. As the days passed, I witnessed how I became one with myself, more and more. My most intellectual and logical part gave more room to the intuitive one, a part that I usually dismissed. The two parts of the circle were starting to be more equal.

Oneness gave me what its own name indicates; it delivered more unity inside of me. I became one with myself, more complete.



bindi oneness university


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