The Windmills Route, Searching for Dulcinea

As a way to make my trip to the North of Spain, León lighter, I decided to take a different route from the usual one. I went through La Mancha and Ávila and visited the Windmills Route. These are the windmills that inspired Miguel de Cervantes to write the epic stories of       […]


Date with Destiny’15

  Tired of my classic experience of not having dates, one year ago in December I changed the cycle by having a date with destiny in Boca Raton. If you’re thinking I’m going to explain what a fantastic date I had with a handsome man, then sorry, no hot date. Although I must say, it […]


What’s the Point of Hiding Wisdom? I Can Do It, Birmingham

    I visited Birmingham to attend to the Hay House event, “I Can Do It” in Birmingham. I learnt a lot of hiding,       This event is a weekend where you listen to inspiring Hay House authors. I knew some of the authors and others were new to me. Some delivered interesting […]


My Missing Dot book proposal finished

The book proposal, I’ve been working on, it’s finally finished!!!   It’s ready to enter the Hay House’s content. Although it’s my book proposal, this precious ‘cake’ has been a team effort to get it out of the oven.   Editing: Rebecca Lotenero from KN literary. Illustrations: Raquel Edom, her Instagram @raquel.edo or @cottoboo.   Thank you to […]


How I Became One with Myself in India

    Summer, summer long gone. We are already in fall but this post is about my summer vacation. Last summer, I was in Malaysia and India(Oneness University). I spent some days in the Perhentian Islands – Perhentian Kecil. It is small but has gorgeous scuba diving and the food was yummy and very affordable.   […]


Using Music to Coach Yourself

October 11th, 2016 We are rhythm. Babies begin to hear the world while they are in the womb. They hear their mom before they see her. Music has an enormous power over us. Music gets under your skin in a way that can: Relax you Push your buttons Lead you to a state of exhilaration […]

Back in September

5th July 2016 July is here and we are going on vacations…     As I told you I’m going to India and also a few days to Malaysia. I am going alone with my camera. On this trip, there is a new buddy, my new smartphone. I am hoping to take some pictures that […]

put my money where my heart is

I Put my Money Where my Heart Is

How missing a flight can be useful to your financial goals ? My trip to Chicago was wonderful until I got to the plane from Chicago to Madrid. The air conditioning didn´t work very well in my seating area. It was like an oven. I got to Madrid and I confused my Iberia flight from […]


Why Four Days in Chicago?

21th June, 2016 Chicago is called “the windy city,” but I was fortunate the second time I visited. There was no wind and I was prepared for the cold.   My first time in Chicago was in August a few years ago and, due to a hurricane, the weather changed and our summer clothes were […]

1 month old

Happy birthday to my web

12th June, 2016 This is a short post only to celebrate : My web is on the air for a month. It is 1 month old.     Soon my next post.