Back in September

5th July 2016

July is here and we are going on vacations




As I told you I’m going to India and also a few days to Malaysia.

I am going alone with my camera. On this trip, there is a new buddy, my new smartphone. I am hoping to take some pictures that I will post on my Instagram, the first pictures. I opened an account, but there aren’t any pictures on it yet.

During these two months, the website will be in hiatus.

I will use the time to relax,

prepare new posts,

create part of the book proposal,

and I will come back with my batteries fully charged.

I spent part of the year thinking, planning, and dreaming about what to do for vacations.

Then, they passed so quick, flying by, leaving new experiences in my memories, new landscapes in my retinas and in my camera, new people who touched my life, new ways of seeing the world, opening me to the grandiosity of our world.

I am so grateful for the time and money given to me to enjoy holidays away.

Vacations are also, for me, the chance to find a handsome man, my true love in a remote paradise.

I’ve been dreaming about it so many times and coming back empty handed.

I have a theory that the universe forgot to put some genes in me, but they replaced them with more than one gene for hope.

My hope seems endless.

Hope is always there, reminding me to keep going, that one day I will be able to allow myself to find him, because finally I will believe I deserve him.

If you’re wondering, what it is going on, yes, I’ve just watched romantic movies.I love them.

Some girls believe in true love and so do I.

I’ve believed in true love all my life.

It’s only now that I dare to say it aloud.

Plus, I am listening a beautiful song called…We’ve got a wild love raging, raging …



What about you, what would you be doing this summer?

I will be delighted and surprised to read your comments

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